QS & Planning Engineer

  • Full Time

  • 5-6 years

QS & Planning Engineer

  • Full Time

  • 5-6 years

**Position Overview:**


As a QS & Planning Engineer , you will play a crucial role in the construction project lifecycle by managing all aspects related to Quantity Estimation , Planning & Budgeting of current & upcoming projects.


**Location:** Kolkata, India




* Preparation of quantity survey estimate of different items from available drawings for Civil

* Preparation of BOQ (Bill of Quantities), BOM (Bill of Materials), BBS

* Must know (advance level) AutoCAD software

* Preparation of Reconciliation statement of materials

* Rate analysis & Material Analysis of different item of work

* Preparation of cost sheet for internal costing purpose

* Conduct on-site surveys to quantify and assess the required materials, labor, and resources * for construction projects.

* Prepare detailed quantity take-offs and cost estimates based on project specifications and drawings

* Make comparative statement of each materials budget V/s actual

* Preparation of work progress report and tracking with site

* Prepare work schedule and monitoring over it


**How to Apply:**


Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume and cover letter to joinus@purtirealty.com


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